One Size Fits All

Where’s the plus size ladies at!? As a fellow plus size lady I have to admit that I LOVE to go shopping. But recently I have hit a rut in finding new clothes... 

The other day I was in a store and as I was walking over to the plus size section I passed the “regular” women’s section and there were beautiful floral patterned shirts, shirts will all sorts of styles, and every color clothing that you could think off! Then once I got to the “plus size” section I saw all it had to offer which was a bunch of baggy shirts that were solid dark colors and dresses that look like a Moomoo. I know that black is slimming but I don’t want to wear it everyday! There wasn’t the beautifully bold printed shirts, the different shaped tops, or the colorful pants to choose from. Just because I’m fluffy (my favorite term for my plus size self) doesn’t mean that I don’t want to wear fitted and bold clothing?! I mean is there a shortage of colorful fabric or an over abundance of black cotton???? Yes I know there are plenty of companies that are finally catching on to Plus Size Fashion, it just is not as readily available as “regular” sizes.  I may not be a size 2 but good gracious I still want to feel sexy and beautiful everyday!  

     I guess this is one of the reasons why I have always been drawn to jewelry but earrings in particular. I can wear the funkiest earrings because earrings are “one size fits all..” I don’t have to worry about not having the most colorful earrings in my size because there isn’t any sizes. And I don’t know about you but if I’m wearing some super fly earrings then I overall just feel better in my outfit and throughout the day. The point of this story wasn’t about how it’s hard to find great plus size clothing.... It’s about making sure to take the time to find you clothes and accessories that make you feel fabulous. Feeling fabulous fits everyone! So to my fellow fluffy ladies... it’s time to ditch the black trash bag look and pick out an awesome outfit, the most bomb “one size fits all” earrings and crush the day ahead!!! 


Baffled Biffles