A Case Of The Sunday Scaries- Earring Addition


Hello All! I woke up this morning probably like many of you ladies….. With a list a mile long of things to do. But what did I do instead? I decided to sit on the couch so it didn’t float away and binge watch Netflix. I kept telling myself that I would get up in 10 minutes and put that load of towels in the washer and then unload the dishwasher. Then I blinked and it was 2pm and the Sunday Scaries set in. If you don’t know what the Sunday Scaries are then let me explain; it’s the end of the weekend where you say, “Oh crap I didn’t get 1/50th of the To-Do list I had for this weekend, I didn’t get enough sleep, the house isn’t clean…. AND TOMORROW IS MONDAY!   So at 2pm the race sets in. How much can I get done before I have to give in that Monday starts in just a few hours. Here goes nothing…. there’s no time for a shower but I did find my favorite leggings, tennis shoes, and tank top. (I’m in the South and it may be September but it was still over 90 degrees) I then go in my bathroom and put on a little concealer, and doused myself in enough dry shampoo that I could of put out a forest wildfire. But before I walked out I went to my jewelry box and picked out a pair of earrings. Today I decided to wear the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” Earrings. I didn’t pick them because I was wearing this super cute outfit that they just matched perfectly to… I wore them because they are adorable and made me smile. So although my leggings came out of the dirty clothes, my hair has a not so natural white/grey tint to it, and the bags under my eyes look like I haven’t slept in ages… I felt cute and ready to tackle the Sunday Scaries. I then went to the grocery store, cooked a really nice dinner for my husband, cleaned the kitchen, and washed enough clothes so we won’t be naked on Monday. I don’t know about you but I feel like that’s a win for me.


By now you are probably wondering what this has to do with Baffled Biffles or earrings at all. The point is, find something that makes you realize you can accomplish the Sunday Scaries, or accomplish everything. Today for me that was the cutest little star earrings that gave me the boost!



Happy End of Weekend Ladies… It’s time to get ready to put on those earrings tomorrow morning and kick some Monday Booty!